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How to join

Click on the [Sign Up] link and complete the form in order to create your account. Once your account is created, you can immediately benefit from our membership privileges such as discounts and reward credits. Also, it saves you all the hassle of filling out your billing and shipping information every time you place an order since you can save your information securely on our site.

How to order

▶There are two ways to place an order.
1. Web site:
2. E-mail: Please give the full name of each product you want to order.
(For lashes, you need to tell me which lash, color, curl, thickness and length)
Ex)  Mink 16 lines black  B curl  0.15 thickness 12mm   X 20pcs
OEM lash order takes 3~6 weeks to be produced and OEM glue order takes 3~5 business days.
    - Please kindly note: the schedule might be delayed if unexpected circumstances occurred.
    - Pre-made fans OEM lash order might take longer than normal mink lashes order.
    - If you want separated shipping, please let us know in advance.
▶ The shipping schedule is subject to change according to the status of inventory, manufacturing schedule.
▶ Some items come with Box or Label. Please let us know if you don't need it. ( Packed / Enclosed / Attached / No)
▶ Price will be charged differently according to order quantity per item.


▶ We accept only USD and EUR. Please check the total amount and currency on the P/I, and make your payment accordingly.
▶ Please choose your preferred payment method between Wire transfer (Bank, TT) or Paypal.
▶ You are responsible for paying all fees associated with this transfer - Payer's bank fees charged to us will be charged to you later.
▶ Please send us a remittance receipt after payment for fast preparation.
▶ Please choose the payment option "OUR", so that all the transaction fees could be charged to the remittee.
    The transaction fee incurred as a result of not selecting the corresponding payment option will be charged to your future orders.
* The payment fee option in wire transfer is as below.
    - OUR: The remitter is fully responsible for the transaction fee. Beauty Channel will receive the payment completely.
    - SHA (Shared): The remitter is responsible for the outgoing transfer charge from the remitter's bank only.
                         Beauty Channel will receive your payment deducting the correspondent (intermediary) bank charges.
                          PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION.
- BEN (Beneficiary): The remitter is not responsible for any outgoing transfer charge.
                         Beauty Channel will receive your payment deducting ALL the correspondent (intermediary) bank charges.
                          PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION.

Paypal account: / Instant payment link:
Bank information:
- Account No.: 614-013069-56-00013
- Beneficiary Name: BEAUTY CHANNEL


  • Shipping Method : Selected by customer
  • Shipping Area : Worldwide
  • Shipping Rate : Selected by customer
  • Delivery Time : 3 - 7 days
  • ▶ We use EMS, DHL, Normal post, K-packet, Standard shipping service.
       Please let us know if you want to choose a specific forwarding agency.
    ▶ The shipping fee will be charged depends on the weight and dimension of the box. The bigger option will be charged.
    ▶ If you have any requests regarding shipping and shipping documents, please request us before your payment.
    ▶ We are not responsible for any customs duty incurred at foreign customs - Please check your country's customs policy in advance.
    ▶ Weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances may impact delivery time.

    ▶The customs clearance period will be excluded from delivery days.

    Forwarding agencyDelivery time
     (Subject to change by circumstances)
    Tracking serviceShipping FeeRemark
    DHLEurope: 3~5 business days
     Other countries: 2~3 business days
    OCharged the bigger option between the weight and dimension of the box. 
    UPSEurope: 3~5 business days
     Other countries: 2~3 business days
    EMSAppx. 5~8 business daysO 
    Normal postAppx. 10~20 business daysO 
    K-packet (Max 2kg)Appx. 7~12 business days (Except Canada)X 
    *Standard shipping doesn't offer tracking service. We are not able to check the delivery status after the package left South korea. If you want to check the delivery status, or avoid any troubles, please use another shipping service.
     *Standard shipping doesn't require a delivery confirmation signature from the addressee. Thus, we shall not be reliable for loss of the item. 

Returns & Exchanges

▶ The buyer should claim for the returning or cancelation due to the change of mind within 3 days after product arrival.
▶ OEM customizing items are not able to be returned, exchanged, or refunded.
▶ The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of return & replacement unless it is specified in advance.

▶ The items must be returned in their original condition.
▶ The adhesive is not refundable due to its characteristics.
▶ We guarantee the quality of glue for 2 months from the date of shipment and eyelashes for 6 months when you prove the defectiveness.
▶The paid amount will be refunded as credits. The credits will be issued after we receive the package.


It takes 3-5 business days to issue a refund for a returned or cancelled order.
Please be advised that your refund may not be processed until the next billing month depending on your credit card issuer's billing schedule.


Pending period for reward store credit:
Your reward store credit issued from orders will be added to your account and stay as Pending for 20 days from delivery before validation to compensate time for exchange or returns. Meanwhile, you are free to spend your available store credit balance.

If you pay for your order with store credit, you are required to spend a minimum store credit of #min_mileage.”
The maximum store credit you can spend on one order is “max_mileage.”

Cancellation of store credit:
Pending credit issued from orders will be automatically cancelled on cancellation or return of the relevant order. Your store credit will be cancelled if you close your account. Also, your store credit will expire if there is no newly issued store credit for three years.